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Jalan jalan | Surabaya , Indonesia

I hope everyone doing great. Its been two years i left my blogger account without new post. Yes. Bersawang blog. Some peoples nowadays are more to instagram rather than blogger. I feel like blogger still an appropriate medium to share your experience and knowledge. Last month i have a trip to Surabaya , Indonesia with my girlfriends, it suppose to be a large group trip , tapi apakan daya when some of them have others commitment.
Why from all over Indonesia we choose Surabaya? Haha. The sudden decision comes after we read one of the blogger share their wonderful trip and photo at Surabaya. In a week we book flight ticket and contact the same agent that the blogger recommended. So after dealing with the agent, we have our 5 days 4 night trip covering Surabaya - Bromo - Ijen - Malang for cost 2.75 juta IDR or RM800 (+/-) / person included with transportation , hotel and guider. If you have more members to join, then its more cheaper. Ticket flight to Surabaya we get at RM4…