Overdose caffein!!

i think dat im overdose taking caffein..
da stomach not so gud..
i try to surf for da article about overdose caffein..
cafffein overdose results in gastrointestinal and cardiorespiratory symptom..
n i totally have no idea about dat statements..
its says dat ppl who hav overdose caffein
will get the risk of caffeinism which caused by toxic lavels of caffein..

the symptom is..

irregular heartbeat n respiration
frequent urination

n da bad news is.. i got dat symptom!..
huhh..is dat so serious??
i dunt know since when im so addicted to caffein..
i need to take coffee everyday!!..
one cup for a day..
n i dunt thinks its too much..
lucky i found da prevention..
n da prevention for overdose caffein is..
take herb tea n drinks a lot of water!!
haha..drinks a lot of water??
i drink less water..yes..very less..
i think about a cup of mineral water a day..
n da rest is..coffee,teh tarik,teh o,orange,coke..
ngee..padan la muka..
now, da only thing dat i can do is..
drinks a lot of water..
drinks a lot of water..

* struggling to avoid coffee for dis moment..can i??*


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