final year


It's been a looooong time not updating the blogger. Being final year student actually is so tough! haha. Well, i'm lying. hehe. I am not so busy since im doing the survey things for final year project and not involve in any laboratory or farm activity. So time orang tengah busy balik rumah cuti sem nanti, i will work hard for surveying farmers around Terengganu. Today is the presentation for final year project proposal, be a second last student to present from 19 students make me uneasy. Honestly, I hate presentation and i am not good in it. Lagi lagi question and answer after the presentation. My brain cannot process the data instantly, hahahaha. Itu la bila orang tanya lain, jawapan nya lain. hehe. Anyway, im done with the presentation and the question is not very difficult just me that not answer it properly., asyikkk 'aaaa' 'aaaa' je during that Q and A process. hahahahahaha. -End. 

# I will work hard! hehe. In sha Allah. :)


hye..good luck from me..chayok2..=)
budak kacamata said…
good luck for your fyp dear..,=)
dear yayah said…
best kn dh abes present :)
wan nur azleen said…
thanks senior. hehhehehe :)

Yes yayah, lega giler even kena soal macam macam. hehe :)

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