Learn to write Thai alphabet. Phewh!


The Thai Language has a reputation as being one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world.Thai, which is sometimes referred to as Siamese, is part of the Thai language family. The languages in this family belong to the much larger Austric language group sharing links to Khumar (Cambodian) and Indian Sanskrit. The Thai Alphabet is based on Indian Pali, Sanskrit and also includes a large number of Mon and Khumer words.Vowels are written above, below, before and after consonants so that they modify the consonants. There is no upper case in Thai language and hardly any grammar. This means that there are no plurals or tenses. A past tense or future tense is easily identified by adding extra words in the sentence.Thai is a tonal language based on 5 tones. This means one word can have 5 different meanings depending on the tone spoken to deliver the word. If your tone is wrong, you will not be understood by anyone. You will in many circumstances be saying another word!- Info

Kerja malam tadi, siapkan assignment. Berbelit gak tangan ni. :P
Psst: Nampak susah, tapi sebenarnya memang susah. hehe :)


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