Natural Disaster on 11.3.11

Allah Maha Mengetahui!


One of my biggest fears is natural disaster. We cannot predict exactly when it will happen, itu semua rahsia yang Allah S.W.T sahaja yang tahu bila akan terjadi. On 11.3.11, 8.9 scala ritcher earthquakes in the ocean affect Japan and lead to the tsunami. Memang agak scary watching footage dari cctv, air yang naik tu sangat-sangat powerful and pushing all the vehicles and houses. Scientist already predicts this will happen two days ago, diorang kata yang jarak bulan sangat dekat dengan bumi dan memberi kesan kepada tarikan gravity, itulah yang terjadinya gempa bumi, tsunami, landslide and etc.

Today breaking news is the Japan's no.3 nuclear reactor building in Fukushima explodes after 3 day of tsunami and the earthquake. This will cause the radiation, that could be harmful to all human being in this world.

"There is a parameter called radiation absorbed dose (rad), that gives an idea about the effects of radiation that bombards a human body. 50 to 150 rad causes alterations in the blood with symptoms like nausea, fatigue and vomiting. In case of exposure between 150-1100 rad amount, if not treated immediately, a victim may die in 30 days. For all levels above this, the central nervous system of the body fails, and loses control over all bodily functions, and death may occur in matter of few days or even hours"

*i am so sad! looking those pictures =S

I get the informations and pictures from this link,please click for more information! . Radiff News and Library thinkquest

Psst:Tgk je pictures of the tsunami and earthquake hati jadi sayu, macam mana kalau saya berada di tempat mereka? I hope all peoples in Japan are okay. Lets pray for their safety.


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